About Us
A dedicated team working towards a common goal

It has been my great pleasure and honor to work closely with Lori Carden. She cares deeply about all of the individuals she supports. They are all members of her family. Lori always treats everyone with dignity, respect and always with love.

Bradley Silverman, PhD
Psychologist, Abeita and Associates

imageWe currently have 3 homes in southern California serving male and female adults between the ages of 18-59. Our philosophy is to emphasize the ability and not the disability of the individual. Our training focuses on helping people integrate with the natural environment whether it be their community, with non-disabled persons or their home. Our activities are designed to enable a person to transition to a pattern of life which is similar to that experienced by people without intellectual disabilities.

Our emphasis is based on the Principles of Normalization which help enhance the day-to-day life of an individual withintellectuall difficulties. Our aim is to enable individuals lead more independent and less restrictive lives.

Each person is provided with care and support to help reach his or her full potential and to make decisions about the direction of their life. They also choose how they wish to participate in the program, in the activities they prefer and the level of involvement with the community and family.

People under our care are provided a safe and nurturing environment and the program is customized according to their needs and choices. All along, they are encouraged to fully utilize their abilities and become more independent.

Our Team Members

Lori Carden
Chief Executive Officer

Fondro “Reno” Talbert IV
Supervisor, Palmetto Family Home

Kevin Carden
Manager, Xavier Family Home

Kheesa Slaughter, M.A.
Director of Community Relations

Rodney Carden
Chief Administrative Officer

Trevor Asterion
Supervisor, Xavier Family Home
Heather Muriel
Medical Assistant

Marquez Sterling
Staff Member, Xavier Family Home

Freddie Davis
Staff Member, Xavier Family Home

Michelle Jones
Staff Member, Kheesa’s Family Home

Shiriece Berridge
Staff Member, Kheesa’s Family Home

LaPorsha Grant
Staff Member, Kheesa’s Family Home

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