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Your foundation is such a blessing to so many and you have no regard for ethnicity or gender. You are serving the community and you are not in search of accolades. Please continue your service to the world and may God continue to bless you and those you serve.
Cedric Ramon Merrick

It has been my great pleasure and honor to work closely with Lori Carden. She cares deeply about all of the individuals she supports. They are all members of her family. Lori always treats everyone with dignity, respect and always with love.
Bradley Silverman, PhD
Psychologist, Abeita and Associates

It is my pleasure to commend Palmetto Family Home as a residence of love, patience, understanding and improvement to its consumers. My God-Daughter has made tremendous strides in behavior, learning, non-profound language and has made great progress in getting along with her peers and others.
Muriel Tucker

Thanks to Lori Carden, My Own Life Foundation provides home-like environments and many opportunities for develop-mentally-disabled adults to learn how to live in the real world. Lori's knowledge about disabled adults and her well-trained staff provide a unique environment that can't be duplicated in either their homes or out-patient services. I applaud their service to the disabled community.
George Taylor, Westchester, CA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lori Carden for 25 years, both as her dentist and as her friend. Over the years, I have observed her interactions with friends, family, and with her consumers, both in and out of my dental office. I have been impressed with her character and her decision-making ability in a wide variety of situations. She is responsible, principled, and intelligent. I believe Lori is the kind of person we need operating facilities like hers.
Aris Corkos, DDS

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