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Independence, empowerment and respect nurtured by family dynamics

It is my pleasure to commend Palmetto Family Home as a residence of love, patience, understanding and improvement to its consumers. My God-Daughter has made tremendous strides in behavior, learning, non-profound language and has made great progress in getting along with her peers and others.

Muriel Tucker

imageOur aim is to maximize the growth, development and potential of every individual so he or she may lead a more enriched and independent life. Towards this end, we offer a range of social and recreational opportunities in the community such as bowling, shopping, carnivals, and trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific, State Capitol in Sacramento, San Francisco, Disneyland and Las Vegas are organized.

Other hobbies, interests and age-appropriate activities are also explored and encouraged.

We provide skills and instruction in self-care, housekeeping, using public transportation, money management and socializing all of which come together to enable individuals to be as self-reliant and independent as possible.

We guide people to channel their energy in positive activities and away from disruptive, self-injurious or maladaptive behaviors.

As part of our services, we provide protection and safety to people as well as the best dental and health facilities.

imageThe final goal is to provide the least restrictive environment for the consumer, living on their own. When that exciting time comes, My Own Life Foundation will assist the consumer in choosing a home of their own to rent by themselves or with a roommate. The foundation will furnish the home with the basic furniture while allowing personalization in choosing intimate and personal items. We strive to satisfy the intent of the Welfare and Institutions Code which is that “Services shall be available to enable persons with intellectual disabilities to approximate the pattern of everyday living available to non-disabled people of the same age”.

And we constantly review and evaluate the program by listening to the person under our care, this helps to promote personal growth and well being. We encourage them choose their own staff and also to talk about who and what they don’t like. Through constant encouragement and assistance, people learn to make decisions and transition into a normalized and independent life.
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