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Thanks to Lori Carden, My Own Life Foundation provides home-like environments and many opportunities for intellectually-disabled adults to learn how to live in the real world. Lori's knowledge about disabled adults and her well-trained staff provide a unique environment that can't be duplicated in either their homes or out-patient services. I applaud their service to the disabled community.

George Taylor, Westchester, CA

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Our philosophy is to emphasize the ability and not the disability of the individual. Our training focuses on helping people integrate with the natural environment whether it be their community, with non-disabled persons or their home. Our activities are designed to enable a person to transition to a pattern of life which is similar to that experienced by people without intellectual disabilities... We provide skills and instruction in self-care, housekeeping, using public transportation, money management and socializing all of which come together to enable individuals to be as self-reliant and independent as possible. We guide people to channel their energy in positive activities and away from disruptive, self-injurious or maladaptive behaviors...
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