A gesture of your appreciation

It has been my great pleasure and honor to work closely with Lori Carden. She cares deeply about all of the individuals she supports. They are all members of her family. Lori always treats everyone with dignity, respect and always with love.

Bradley Silverman, PhD
Psychologist, Abeita and Associates

My Own Life Foundation is a non-profit organization. We use your generous donations of gift cards or check to further enhance the quality of life of the persons we serve. Thank you
Lori Carden

Last month, I went to Penske Jaguar Land Rover Cerritos to purchase my own vehicle. After amazing customer service from Lucas Dam, I asked him if he also had a minivan for sale (since unfortunately, the van that we owned was totaled). Unexpectedly, he said yes, and told me that they had a beautiful Town & Country for sale! He showed me all of wonderful features the van included. Such as the navigation in order to take our consumers to their programs/appointments, a DVD player on the back seats which keeps our consumers entertained on long drives, and also the electronic doors which is incredibly useful for our consumers who have a difficult time getting out of the vehicle. After viewing the van, I immediately told him about our foundation, and the goal we have for the people living in our homes. Lucas stated he was familiar with our population since he had worked at a group home many years ago. He told me he was willing to talk to his superiors to see if there was anything he could do in order to make the van more affordable since the it was way out of our price range. Later that day he called and said it is ours! Now thanks to Lucas and the team at Penske, My Own Life Foundation is riding in style! Thanks Lucas.

You can reach Lucas for amazing services at lucas.dam@socalpenske.com

Carden Supported Livings Services is so proud to have our newest addition, Omega and Izabella. Since her knowledge of Izabella’s birth, there is no way to fully express our gratitude for Jackie’s generosity to My Life Own Life Foundation. The ongoing generous donation of new baby clothes, baby supplies, and walkerplayed a key role this first year. Without Jackie’s support it would have been a financial hardship for the mother to provide these essentials for Izabella. Jackie has gone from a stranger to a friend. We sincerely thank you for your many contributions.

Over the holidays kindness went a long way. Our friend Lanette Trimmel, Store Manager of TJ Maxx retail stores not only donated on her own, but involved the members of her staff as well. For the benefit of Omega and Izabella they donated food and a gift card. Although the food was greatly needed and appreciated, Omega could not wait to go to TJ Maxx to choose from the many items their store has to offer.
Thank you Lynette.

TJ Maxx is located at 390 N. McKinley, Corona

On a flight to New York, I was assigned a middle seat and to my surprise I sat in the center of two men Vincent and David. After several different conversations on a five-hour flight, I told David that I worked with developmentally disabled adults and he shared that he and Vincent were partners in a French private label bath and beauty product company that distributed natural and organic soaps and lotions named Ton Savon. David then asked if we accepted donations and I immediately said, “Yes”!

Well, not only did he donate the most fragrant smelling soaps ever, when we arrived at his warehouse a gentleman named Jeff said that there were over 5,000 bars waiting for us. I could not believe this type of generosity! I can honestly say, I have never loaded a truck before, but this time it was my pleasure. The actual fragrance of the soap fills the bathrooms with the most wonderful lavender scent. My Own Life Foundation is so grateful for this donation that will last “almost” forever. Please take a look at their beautiful site www.TonSavon.com

We received a kind donation from our friend Dennis F. from Long Beach. Dennis provided the consumers at My Own Life Foundation with a generous gift card to the restaurant, Olive Garden. The consumers certainly enjoyed the outing. Seeing as though there were no more breadsticks left at Olive Garden by the time we left, it cannot go unsaid that Dennis' donation was greatly appreciated.

We have greatly benefited from the help of our friend, Laura M. She donated a generous amount of money toward the foundation to be used for recreational activities. However, we were plagued with termites and had to use the money for more practical purposes. We are saddened that we had to miss out on the fun that Laura M. was funding, yet the money could not have come at a more wonderful and necessary time. We are grateful for Laura and very thankful for her generosity.

A recent donation of a gift card from Bath and Body Works sent from Linda Wong and George Taylor purchased lotion to put in the bathroom. The beautiful scent made the ladies at Kheesa’s Family Home smell like fresh roses.

You may forward your generous gifts in the form of gift card or check to:
My Own Life Foundation
600 East Ocean Blvd. #1504
Long Beach, California 90802

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