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Your foundation is such a blessing to so many and you have no regard for ethnicity or gender. You are serving the community and you are not in search of accolades. Please continue your service to the world and may God continue to bless you and those you serve.

Cedric Ramon Merrick

600 East Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802 #1504
Phone: 562/225-1262 Fax: 562/951-3571
Email: info@myownlifefoundation.org

Lori Carden
Chief Executive Officer

Lori Carden specializes in abnormal psychology. She has provided residential facilities and hands on assistance to male and female adults ages 18-59 with developmental disabilities for almost 10 years. Her efforts to offer her consumers the most positive life and living arrangements are recognized, yet often understated – she works day and night to ensure her programs are well-functioning, productive, and enjoyable for her consumers.

Anthony Simien
Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Simien is a graduate of the University of the Pacific. He specializes in an area of financial accounting unique to care homes. He empathizes with and understands the needs of Providers who work with the developmentally disabled.

Bradley Silverman, PhD
Psychologist, Abeita and Associates

Dr. Brad Silverman has worked with MOLF for over 4 years. His approach with consumers is effective and useful in working with developmentally disabled consumers. He strives to solve the consumers every day issues. His efforts to work closely and diligently with our consumers is seen in his participation in diversity discussions and anger management courses. Outside of MOLF, Brad has 25 years of experience working with various Southern California regional centers.

Aris Corkos, D.D.S.
Family Dentist

Dr. Aris Corkos has been practicing dentistry for 28 years – we have known him for 25 of those years. He has been a loyal friend and dentist throughout the years as he is evermore involved with MOLF. We have had nothing but positive and painless interactions with Aris and his staff.
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